La Petite Ecole Bilingue Montessori
A private bilingual (english-french) school in Boulogne-Billlancourt
(92100). Welcoming 3-6 year-old children of all nationalities.
Our aims
Our aims are to offer a safe caring environment so as to ensure self- confidence.
-To develop autonomy and the sense of responsibility.
-To encourage the joy of learning, creativity and critical thinking abilities.
-To enhance the value of every child's interests and needs.

Expressing oneself in a foreign language is seemingly effortless to a child. In order to speak two languages naturally, it is essential to start as early as possible. The younger the child the more receptive he/she is when learning a foreign language. In a new language context children get naturally and daily impregnated with new sounds and new words. Second language aquisition is fortered through activities such as flash cards, objects, stories, songs and games.

Acquiring autonomy
To do in order to understand.
Every act is done with the child and not for him or her, enabling the child to discover naturally their potential in themselves. The layout of the classroom and a wide range of progressive educational material are essential to gain this autonomy.

Respecting children's rhythms and needs
Listening is at the heart of our approach.
Listening, in order to get to know children better, and to answer their deep needs. A respect for individuality helps to establish a good relationship with each child.
Since children are especially bent on achieving independence, our teachers provide responsive individual attention as your child deals with positive experiences as well as frustration.

Learning how to live together
Autonomy is a step towards socialization. Our behaviour rules focus on the positive. Each child will be encouraged to follow these rules.
……We always walk indoors
……We have kind hands
……We talk in our classroom voices
……We respect our friends work
……We think about each other
Children can forget behaviour rules, if this occurs the child would be taken from the situation and asked to reflect on their behaviour. If it is seen as beneficial they would be invited to work one to one with the teacher.

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